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Bounty Marine Windows
Bounty Marine offers a variety of windows made to your specifications.
Constructed using aluminum extrusions with welded seams and finished to yacht quality.
All welding, grinding, milling, punches, and sandblasting are completed during fabrication before powdercoating.
Standard powdercoating includes abroad assortment of colors.
Clear or tinted, tempered safety glass is standard.

Clamp-ring windows with a 1/2" flange all around are available with 2-1/2" or 3" radiused corners, or mitered & welded corners.
Clamp-ring windows utilize an interior aluminum ring with pre-punched holes that align with a threaded screw channel on the frame to sandwiching the bulkhead between the window flange and the ring, for 1/4" to 2-3/8" wall thickness. So there are no thru-bolts.
Stainless steel screws are supplied for all clamp-ring windows.

Outside-mount windows have a 1" wide flange (holes optional) with a plastic screw-cover for bolt- on application without visible fasteners.
Holes can be excluded for direct bonding application.
Available in mitered & welded only.

Sliding Windows:
Hooded weep holes are punched into the frame.
Aluminum wire flex channel for sliding glass to slid in.
Full length handle rail with spring loaded handle locks the window securely.
Fixed lite set in vinyl boot for a weather tight seal.
Vinyl internal rail weatherstrip.
Screens can slide open when needed.